ABOUT ARAC -History-

In 2001, ARAC (Asia Regional Adhesive Council)

was formally founded at the first ARAC Conference and Executive Committee(EXCO) Meeting held in Osaka, Japan, comprised of four Asian adhesive associations : Japan Adhesive Industry Association(JAIA), China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association(CATIA), Taiwan Synthetic Resins & Adhesives Industry Association(TSRAIA). Korea Adhesive Industry Association(KAIA). Mr.Naoki Kobayashi, Asahi Chemical Synthetic Co.,Ltd, was elected as first president of the new Association of the Asian Adhesive Industry.

Since its inception, ARAC has continued to hold the Conferences and EXCO Meetings as below:

  • 2003 2nd ARAC Conference and EXCO Meeting in Guangzho, China
  • 2004 3rd EXCO Meeting in Beijing, China
  • 2005 4th EXCO Meeting in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2006 3rd ARAC Conference and 5th EXCO Meeting in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2007 6th EXCO Meeting in Seoul, Korea
  • 2009 7th EXCO Meeting in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2010 4th ARAC Conference and 8th EXCO Meeting in Jeju, Korea
  • 2011 9th EXCO Meeting in Nantou, Taiwan
  • ARAC looks after the industry's interests across all market sectors and has established good working relationships with the Asia regional associations.