October 27th, 2010

ARAC Conference

■ Since ARAC was founded in 2001, ARAC Conference has continued to hold as follows :

- 2001 : 1st ARAC Conference in Osaka, Japan
- 2003 : 2nd ARAC Conference in Guangzho, China
- 2006 : 3rd ARAC Conference in Taipei, Taiwan
- 2010 : 4th ARAC Conference in Jeju, Korea

■ 4th ARAC Conference on Oct. 27-30, 2010, in Jeju, Korea

- Presentation papers Abstracts :
- The 4th ARAC Conference (mps)

■ Plenary Lectures of 4th ARAC Conference

1.The Adhesives Market and Technology Development in Korea

Han-Hyung Cho
President of Korea Adhesive Industry Association

Growth of Adhesives and Sealant market was slow down during the global economic crisis however it shows steady recovery across the market except construction industry.
Some products group showed limited growth and facing more competition with limited technology development in the traditional general purpose market.
Demands of high performance and high functional products are increasing in the automotive and electronics market however the market is highly dominated by multinational leaders of the global market. Recently local producers including conglomerates are focusing on new products and new technology developments to meet the needs of high end markets such as automotive and E/E which are the major driving forces of Korean economy.
Market is getting speed to move to waterborne adhesives from solvent borne solution due to the significant pressure from public on environmentally friendly.
All of the global standard regulation on EH&S becoming market standards for adhesives market however the cost to maintain the competitiveness and to keep the global standard of environmental regulation will be the challenges for the industry.

2.The Adhesive Market and Technology Development in Japan

Takayuki Nogawa
President of Japan Adhesive Industry Association

The macroeconomics of Japanese in its way of recovery since mid last year, however, its adhesive market is slower to recover compared to other areas of ARAC federation which are showing an evident growth.
In the recent global trend to strive for environmental conservation, safety achievement and global warming issue, I think it is appropriate to report on the following items:

1. Statistics of the Japanese adhesive market,
2. JAIA''s efforts in the environmental and safety measures,
3. Trend of technology development.
I intend to comment on the adhesive designation proposed by ASC and FEICA as well, in relation to the Japanese trade.

3.The Current Situation and Development Forecast of Adhesives Market in China Mainland

Qingfang Zhao
Director of China National Adhesives Industry Association

This article elaborates the volume and value of sales, growth rate, import & export and problems of adhesives and sealants in China Mainland; and porecasts/analyzes the trends of development in adhesives & sealants market in 2010-2012.

4.The Adhesives Market and Technology Development in Taiwan

Jerry Liao / Chairman
Taiwan Synthetic Resins & Adhesives Industrial Association

This presentation concept includes volumes, values, growth rate of products supply and demand and also reports the situation of Taiwan adhesives and sealants industry from 2005 to 2009 and outlooks in 2010. Moreover, the business environment and market trend is also mentioned in this presentation.
In recent years, Companies are still striving to increase their margin by reducing the manufacturing cost and developing new products. Prospecting 2010 forward, adhesive industry in Taiwan will still face doubt of economy recovery and encounter pressure of raw material fluctuation in high price. Regards, lower business profit and keep competiveness are the main issue for most of the companies in the industry.
Thus, successful companies should have ability to develop high valueadded products, such as high-functional and environmental friendly products, in order to increase sales volume, profit and build up sustainable competitiveness in the future.

5.European Adhesive and Sealant Market Overview

Bernard Ghyoot
Secretary General of FEICA

Europe has been severely affected by the Economic and Financial crisis of 2009 but the Chemical European Industry and the Adhesive and Sealant sector are back again on the growth path.
My presentation will provide some global insight of the Adhesive and Sealant (A&S) market, including who the major players are. We shall provide some statistics on the European A&S market and the outlook
and close the presentation by listing the major challenges we are facing.

6.Overview of U.S. Adhesive & Sealant Industry

Matthew E. Croson
President of Adhesive and Sealant Council

On behalf of the 110 members of the Adhesive and Sealant Council,
I congratulate the Korea Adhesive Industry Association for hosting such a prominent event focused on delivering green innovation in adhesives.
This important topic affects all of our industry and ASC applauds the
ARAC for its efforts to bring the industry together to foster discussion and cooperation amongst its member companies.

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